(Approved by 2019 Executive Committee 1/17/19) (Approved 2019 Board of Directors 2/21/19)

Vision Statement

To be a champion for Shelby County as the premier place to live and do business.

Mission Statement

To partner with community stakeholders to support stability and foster economic vitality throughout Shelby County.

Business Development & Support Group

ShelbyOne – Next Level Up! Mission:

Increase quality job growth throughout Shelby County by helping our existing businesses compete in an ever-changing marketplace, and to grow and thrive here.

– Host an annual “Small Business Celebration” in May.

– Host the 7th Annual “Industry Appreciation Reception” event in February.

– Complete a minimum of 75 new business contact” visits.

– Create a database and targeted solution strategies for workforce needs, challenges to growth being faced, potential opportunities for growth, out of area suppliers, etc. within targeted clusters identified by 58, Inc.

– Investigate the formation of “cluster teams” for our existing business base as identified by 58, Inc. in their recruitment of new to market retail, commercial and industrial firms.

– Determine if a “Manufacturer’s Roundtable” program to create a platform for Shelby County business and industry to discuss issues and opportunities relating to growth is viable.

– Collaborate with 58, Inc. in creating a “Supply Chain Asset Map” listing all suppliers and their capabilities allowing end-users to know about local suppliers with whom they can do business.

– Collaborate with 58, Inc. on other potential apprenticeship opportunities based upon training needs expressed during “business contact” visits and training needs survey.

– Provide direct support and assistance to 58, Inc. as a full partner in all recruitment efforts for new to market industry, retail, and commercial businesses.

– Conduct Shelby County “get acquainted” and personalized tours for Company officers being recruited to Shelby County.

– Develop an “orientation” program for all new management-level hires for both new and existing businesses in Shelby County providing these individuals with newcomer information on public services, schools, entertainment, recreation, etc.

– Hold a minimum of four industrial tours of area companies (small business and industry).

– Assist 120 business owners and entrepreneurs through the Chamber’s Business Support Center efforts.

– Assist in the creation of 275 new jobs through the growth of Shelby County’s existing business and industry.

– Hold four “Go & Grow Workshops” on topics of interest to small businesses and industry.

– Host the 4th Annual “Business Outlook Conference” in collaboration with the University of Montevallo’s Stephens College of Business and other Shelby County chambers in January.

– Develop and distribute the 5th Annual “Business Outlook Survey” in the Fall of 2019 to gauge what Shelby County businesses think the climate will look like for 2020.

– Continue Entrepreneur Roundtable program for interested participants.

– Maintain and grow the “Green Business” recognition program for Shelby County businesses.

– Host a “Business Recycling Day” during the month of April.

– Collaborate on other informational seminar opportunities that develop through our partnerships

-Develop a new webinar series for small business owners on topics important to their growth.

Communications & Marketing Group

– Create and edit twelve issues of Business Connections, the Chamber’s monthly newsletter.

– Produce weekly “E-Business Connections” e-mail updates to investors on programs and activities.

– Promote Chamber investors as well as Chamber and Community events through Social Media (Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

– Publish and distribute the Who’s Who of Shelby County, a quarterly printed Investor Directory in Shelby Living magazine.

– Update Chamber’s website (content and registration with all major search engines).

– Continue developing and promoting the usefulness of the Chamber website by reflecting the expanded program of work.

– Produce press advisories and news releases on Chamber programs and events and distribute to local media.

– Produce press advisories and news releases on Chamber programs and events and distribute to local media.

– Increase media contact relationships.

Community & Career Development Group

ShelbyOne – Next Level Up! Mission:

Establish a business-driven workforce readiness approach via a partnership between business, community, our schools and our training providers ensuring Shelby County companies can recruit and retain the employees and managers they need.

– Grow the Chamber’s interactive “workforce readiness” programs in local schools

– Increase business participation in the “Kuder Navigator” career planning system (8th -12 grades) to inform students of career opportunities in Shelby County

– Complete 6th year of “Keeping It Real” programs for 9th Grade students throughout Shelby County schools, and begin 7th year.

– Launch “new career readiness” program for 10th-grade students throughout  Shelby County schools in the Fall.

– Conduct 4th year of “Communication Matters” a “soft skills” workforce development program for 11th Grade students throughout Shelby County.

– Launch pilot “Ready To Work” program for 12th-grade students.

– Recognize and support student and educator excellence in the classroom by hosting the 6th Annual “Student and Educator of the Year Luncheon” program recognizing excellence in the classroom and providing scholarships and stipends for multiple recipients.

– Partner with educators and training providers throughout Shelby County to increase career and college ready rates by 3%.

–  Hold the 5th Annual State of our Schools Luncheon, inviting all Shelby County Superintendents to give an update.

– Hold Annual Boots & Bowties Silent Auction to support Student and Educator scholarships.

– Partner with key employers, education leaders, and service providers to increase “career readiness” understanding and opportunities to give all those entering the workforce the skills needed by Shelby County employers:

– Collaborate with education and other training providers to continue career and college readiness rate increases throughout Shelby County schools measured through the State Department of Education’s career and college ready indicators.

– Represent Shelby County on the new WIOA Region 4 (CAPTE) Board established to better serve the workforce needs of business and industry and economic development at the local level.

– Increase Shelby County business representation on the WIOA Region 4 (CAPTE) Board.

– Engage and support the Central Six – Region 4 Workforce Council to facilitate workforce readiness and training in Shelby County.

– Hold quarterly “Academic Leaders Council” meetings for all Shelby County Superintendents and College/University presidents to go over workforce needs in Shelby County.

– Advocate and support “ready to work” programming in schools throughout Shelby County.

– Promote the importance of health awareness (healthy lifestyles) to the business community by:

– Publishing a “Health Focus of the Month” in Business Connections, the Chamber’s monthly newsletter.

– Holding the 5th Annual “Healthcare Professionals of the Year” program in collaboration with the Chamber’s 5th Annual Shelby County Healthy Lifestyles Expo for Shelby County businesses.

– Hold Quarterly Exercise After Hour events throughout Shelby County encouraging healthy living.  

– Partner with community leaders and healthcare providers to develop and expand opportunities unique to Shelby County.

– Develop and coordinate informational seminars on healthcare topics of interest to small businesses and industry.

– Hold Annual “Public Safety Awards” Luncheon in October recognizing public safety departments throughout Shelby County.

– Plan and hold the Annual “Prayer Breakfast” in November.

– Collaborate with Shelby County safety departments on programs that reduce criminal activity relating to businesses (i.e. financial crime, ID theft, theft by employees, fraud by mail and telephone, embezzlement by technology, counterfeit bills, etc.).

– Identify countywide resources and leadership with whom to collaborate on key issues regarding the quality of life issues (education, healthcare, recreation, arts, beautification, retail, green space, etc.) that help make Shelby County an even better place to live and do business.

– Hold Annual Golf Tournament benefiting career readiness programming.

Finance & Administration Group

– Manage Chamber’s daily operations.

– Maintain financial records for the Chamber, the Chamber’s Community Foundation, and 58, Inc.

– Handle invoicing procedures for all Chamber, the Chamber’s Community Foundation, and 58, Inc.

– Develop an annual budget for Chamber’s operations.

– Coordinate Nominations process for Chamber leadership roles.

– Plan and coordinate Annual Meeting of Investors.

– Plan and coordinate meetings for ShelbyOne – Next Level Up! investors.

– Coordinate all Chamber events and programs.

– Coordinate ribbon cuttings and ground-breakings for area businesses.

– Coordinate Ambassadors’ program.

– Coordinate ongoing investor retention program.

– Manage and review Event Analysis forms for each event or program.

– Pursue collaborative efforts with all business and community organizations in Shelby County (e.g. 58, Inc., Chelsea Business Alliance, Helena Business Alliance, and Westover Business Alliance.

Governmental Affairs Group

ShelbyOne – Next Level Up! Mission:

Serve as the leading voice for our Shelby County business community at all levels of government in order to sustain and enhance a pro-business climate.

– Update and enhance the Chamber’s “Public Policy Agenda” capturing the key issues impacting Shelby County businesses, and communicate those priorities to our elected representatives.

– Host a Legislative Preview event with the Shelby County Legislative delegation prior to the start of the 2019 Legislative session which begins in February.

– Increase the effectiveness of, and participation in, the Chamber’s annual “Montgomery Drive-In” event.

– Lead efforts to advocate for continued investment in transportation and infrastructure projects which spur positive growth and enhance the quality of life throughout Shelby County.

– Provide direct staff support for the “Shelby County Mayors’ Association” program to ensure continued collaboration at the local level through ongoing communication, clear understanding of issues of importance, and promotion of policies that make it easy to do business in Shelby County.

– Host an Annual “State of our Communities” Luncheon with Shelby County Mayors.

– Actively interface and engage with our Alabama Congressional delegation to ensure elected representatives are kept up-to-speed on all federal issues which impact Shelby County.

– Host “Washington Update” type programs with Alabama’s federal legislative delegation.

– Hold Annual “State of the County” Luncheon in October.

– Investigate the possibility of coordinating a “Washington Fly-In” program for Shelby County businesses.

– Coordinate “Coffee with the Mayor” events in all municipalities that wish to have them.

Investor Relations Group

– Conduct regular one-on-one ShelbyOne – Next Level Up! investor meetings to provide updates and ensure engagement in program of work.

– Recruit 100 new investors.

– Coordinate volunteer recruitment effort of sponsorships.

– Implement a new annual investment schedule based upon engagement of the investor organization in a “Tiered Investment Schedule” formula.

– Investigate the potential for coordinating a multi-chamber “Speed Networking” event in partnership with other “over the mountain” chambers of commerce.

– Host quarterly “Investor Receptions” for new and existing investors.

– Hold a minimum of four “CoffeeNet” networking programs.

– Hold quarterly “Business After Hours” networking programs.

– Hold a minimum of two Network280 (networking and/ or professional development) programs.

– Update and maintain accurate records in the investor database.

– Continue developing and promoting investor discounts (“Hot Deals”, Office Depot, etc.).

Tourism & Recreation Group

– Produce a weekly “What’s Happening in Shelby County” email for distribution to hotels and other visitor locations to share with visitors to Shelby County.

– Produce a “Tear Off” Attractions map for distribution to hotels and other visitor locations to share with visitors to Shelby County.

– Host a minimum of 2 – 3 Chamber Luncheon programs on the topic of tourism & recreation.

– Participate in local community festivals.

– Hold tourism & recreation-related seminar.

– Investigate the possibility of a Shelby County Travel Guide for visitors.

– Promote use of #DiscoverShelbyAL on tourism-related social media posts.

– Access and fully utilize Alabama State Department of Tourism resources.

– Research the best way to measure lodging occupancy rates throughout Shelby County to create programs that will increase those rates.