(Revised & Presented by TSCC Governmental Affairs Work Group – 04/11/19)
(Reviewed & Approved by TSCC Board of Directors – 04/18/19)

Economic Development

Business Development

The Chamber supports:

  • 58, Inc. and all other municipal economic development organizations in their efforts to attract new jobs to Shelby County,
  • the use of tax abatements and incentives when accompanied with job creation, job preservation, revenue generation and economic development in all Shelby County municipalities and the County.

The Chamber encourages:

  • companies and developers receiving tax abatements and incentives to continue re-investment in the local community and the County by utilizing local businesses and professional services.
  • companies to seek to fill their employment needs with the talented workforce here in Shelby County.
  • whenever possible that local businesses and professional services be utilized for any projects of agencies receiving municipal and/ or county funding.

Community Development
The Chamber supports all efforts to assist the area’s municipalities with funding opportunities (i.e. grants) for projects vital to their continued growth.

Labor Relations
The Chamber supports and encourages any and all efforts that enhance interaction between management and the workforce, thus improving communication, morale, productivity, and product quality.

The Chamber supports legislation and activity that would ensure the continuation of Right-To-Work statutes and opposes any attempt to weaken or destroy the proven fair and democratic process of secret ballot voting in union elections.

Small Business
The Chamber supports protecting our small businesses against unnecessary governmental regulations.

Tourism & Recreation
The Chamber recognizes tourism as a vibrant industry throughout Shelby County and urges support from all Shelby County municipalities and the County for tourism product promotion and development.

The Chamber supports:

  • the continued development of parks and sporting venues that will bring events and tournament opportunities to our municipalities and the County which increase lodging tax collections,
  • projects which promote and recognize the artistic, cultural and historical resources of our municipalities and the County,
  • facilities, trails, exhibitions and special events that celebrate area heritage and culture as important aspects of tourism development,
  • the creation of tax incentives for tourism “product development”, which is any facility or attraction that is used for tourism or travel purposes.

The Chamber encourages support from all businesses, events, and agencies to encourage the use of Shelby County hotels, campgrounds, parks, bed & breakfasts, and other participating lodging facilities during our visitors’ stay in our communities.

The Chamber supports funding for projects, initiatives, programs, and agencies engaged in the arts, entertainment, parks and recreation, senior centers, and community service that enhance the quality of life for residents of our municipalities and all of Shelby County.

Career Readiness & Workforce Development
The Chamber supports:

  • all efforts designed to develop a strong, qualified workforce able to meet the current and future employment needs of Shelby County business and industry,
  • community involvement between local business, industry and schools,
  • the achievements of students and teachers throughout Shelby County,
  • the promotion of student career readiness and marketplace opportunities.

The Chamber supports all area schools, colleges, and other career training partners in their commitment to:

  • providing students with the necessary skills for future employment,
  • providing programs that are enhancing and creating career opportunities,
  • providing learning environments that are student centered, innovative, engaging and supportive,
  • providing teaching excellence that inspires a quest for lifelong learning,
  • respecting uniqueness and valuing diversity.

The Chamber supports efforts to ensure that all Shelby County students are adequately prepared in our K-12 classrooms to succeed in their pursuit of post-secondary and/ or skilled training to enter and be prepared for our modern workforce.

The Chamber supports the concept that the best and brightest ideas come from the local level while meeting state standards.

The Chamber supports the State Board of Education’s efforts in making sure local school systems here in Shelby County maintain control of the development of curriculum, resources, and other instructional materials.

Finance & Taxation

The Chamber supports:

  • a fair and equitable tax structure in the state.
  • appraisals of property in Alabama to be conducted every four years.
  • advancing the debate on federal income tax reform with an eye towards simplicity, stability and the elimination of multiple taxation.
  • ensuring that business license fees in all Shelby County municipalities do not impede economic growth.
  • working with all Shelby County municipalities to improve communication between public and private sectors to pro-actively address tax issues.

Healthcare / Quality of Life

The Chamber recognizes that “quality of life” projects are a major factor in the economic development of any community.

The Chamber will actively support programs, activities, events, and legislation that promote healthy lifestyles through wellness and prevention, as well as, access to affordable, quality healthcare for the workforce and citizenry of Shelby County.

The Chamber recognizes the importance of all efforts to make Shelby County attractive to potential new businesses in our community.  To that end, the Chamber encourages all businesses and industries to create an aesthetically pleasing “storefront” and “curb appeal”.

The Chamber supports cooperative efforts between area beautification groups, businesses, and industry to promote county-wide beautification efforts and clean-up campaigns.

Transportation/ Infrastructure

The Chamber supports transportation projects that facilitate travel and commerce in our County and our respective communities.

The Chamber supports decision-making about the building and improvement of our transportation infrastructure that is driven by need, including the promotion of safety and the facilitation of economic development.

Safe Dams
Given that the State of Alabama is the only state without one, The Chamber supports efforts to investigate the establishment of a safe dam program based upon public safety, quality of life matters, and a reasonable appeals process for dam owners.

State Constitution

The Chamber supports constitutional reform efforts for the Alabama Constitution, which in its current form is 40 times longer than the United States Constitution and 12 times longer than the average state constitution.

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