Positive economic growth and community well-being always require long-term strategy, combined with bold approaches and the leadership to make it happen. The 21st-century economy is rich with opportunities for our 808+ square mile Shelby County. The leadership of The Shelby County Chamber has chosen to capitalize on our opportunities by developing a five-year path that builds on the foundation of growing our existing companies while embracing change and expanding our business economy by:

  • Increase quality job growth throughout Shelby County by helping our existing businesses complete in an ever-changing marketplace, and to grow and thrive here.
  • Establish a business-driven workforce readiness approach via a partnership between business, community, our schools and our training providers ensuring Shelby County companies can recruit and retain the employees and managers they need.
  • Operate as a full public-private growth partner with 58 INC., the new countywide economic development organization established to recruit a smart mix of retail, commercial and targeted industrial firms.
  • Serve as the leading voice for our Shelby County business community at all levels of government in order to sustain and enhance a pro-business climate.

With your help and leadership efforts, we can invest in our growth and create a county we can enjoy and pass along to future generations. Would you like to learn more about ShelbyOne Next Level Up and how you can become involved? Contact Kirk Mancer, President & CEO of The Shelby County Chamber via email at kirk@shelbychamber.org or call (205) 663-4542 to set up an appointment.

ShelbyOne Next Level Up Investors as of February 5, 2018

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